Current version available: 0.19

MacroBoy Y


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MacroBoy Y is a plateform and action video game project.

It is done by Hanged Bunny Studio, a pretty young studio. It takes some aspects of several classic video games like SuperMeatBoy, Megaman and Turrican.

The idea was born in 2012: a super-fast and dynamic plateform game, in a Metrovania like arena and online.
In June 2014, it started, we have created a prototype in order to show the concept and to, later, create a more complete game.

This prototype is a simple fighting game in a plateform environment, which use the game physics. It can be played from two to height player on a split screen. It allows a few modes from DeathMatch to race, free for all or with teams.

MacroBoy Y, under its complete form will take a really larger size: like castle war in some massive online role playing game, it will propose battlefields, military bases, armies, customable characters, but in a plateform style game.
Each side will have a collective composed of players and AIs (With randomly selected strategy in a large choice of available ones) and will fight in order to get others sides bases, through big maps, traps, pits and of course, other players.

If you are interested in our project, you get it here.