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MacroBoy Y


The Dérision: Role playing game book which is the Macroboy Y playground.

Rerfschtein Valley map

Eraunath is one of the two big cities of Rerfschtein, a nation which mix humans and synthetics. If Creshin is the capital, Eraunath is the most populous.

During the Hordes War, Rerfschtein lost Eraunath and the city fall under the control of the Gray Mavericks. People were enslaved and massacred. Facing the disaster and the potential defeat, the Rerfschtein government sent an ambassador to the Synthetic Republic's base Orzov. The Republic accepted to attack the city and to freed it from mavericks. They did, but they also kept it after.

The Synthetic Republic is an exclusively synthetic nation and they are awful with humans. They lead killing campaign, they make experiments on humans and they put them in slavery.
Having Eraunath under their control was almost like having it under mavericks for humans.

The Rerfschtein tried to get Eraunath back by talking, but it did not work, and they could not afford to fight mavericks and the Synthetic Republic simultaneously.

In Eraunath, the Synthetic Republic's police make an iron law reign, so a few resistance cells were formed.

These groups try to free Eraunath from oppressors. Outisde, the Synthetic Republic, the Rerfschtein, the Gray Horde and some other foreign forces try to take the control over the city.

You are a human which is code name is Y. Because you are a human, you can manipulate energy and you learnt how when you were a child. One day, there were an explosion near your home and facing the horror of the scene, the fact that the Synthetic Republic police was coming, you responded to the help request of someone bleeding on the floor. Unfortunately for you, it was a member of a cell, and now, the police is knocking on your door. Wether you like it or not, you are now part of the resistance.