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MacroBoy Y


Humans in the Derision universe can manipulate energy. Of course, this ability must be trained a lot in order to be used, but this is an advantage against synthetics.

Three kinds of magic has been established by humans, and a fourth one was found when mavericks emerged. It turns out that the original mavericks can also use magic. Some magic limits other magic. Here are all families of magic:


Antidocie is a protective magic. It allows the manipulation of a few physical elements. You cannot learn advanced Sanguinocie spells if you have a deep knwoledge about Antidocie. A wizard using Antidocie is called an Antidote wizard.


Sanguinocie is an offensive magic which target organic organisms. It allows manipulation of bodies and brains. You cannot learn advanced Electrancie if you have a deep knowledge about Sanguinocie. A wizard using Sanguinocie is called a Blood Wizard or a "butcher".


Electrancie is an offensive magic which target metallic materials including synthetics. It allows the use of the electric energy. You cannot learn advanced Antidocie if you have a deep knowledge about Electrancie. A wizard using Electrancie is called an Electranter.


Marvckancie is a versatile magic which target identity, magic energy and existence. Only mavericks can use Marvckancie. There is no limitation about Marvckancie. A wizard using Marvckancie is called a Marvckante.