Creating game is our passion.
Hanged Bunny Studio is an instrument we have made to try to satisfy that passion.
We create games and video games on our free time, aside our career.

It is not easy. We cannot do them fast, but it is what makes us thrill...
We hope someday we would be able to do it full time professionally.

Jason Brillante "Damdoshi"

President of Hanged Bunny Studio, he is developper, game artist, scriptwriter and game designer.

Jason is currently computing departement head teacher at 89 digital university.


Leeza is a C++ developper and participate to 'Allan' elaboration. She also takes care of conventions and contribute to marketing and goodies.

Leeza is currently a C++ developper working in a market data company.


Dinelo contributes to Macroboy Y with level design. He also participates in 'Allan' elaboration.